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8 juin 2010 2 08 /06 /juin /2010 22:09

I have just received a grant from kent county council to renew my ressources!here is our new lovely kitchen corner!2010-06-04

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nancy 14/03/2011 18:07

Stephanie, thanks for the compliment...it's because I was an english teacher in a previous life (my life before I became a childminder ;)) I love your blog ! Couldn't stop browsing through it
yesterday...all those ideas ! Congratulations !

Stéphanie 14/03/2011 22:41

hi nancy and thank you for your comment!i'm glad to receive all your congratulations.Don't hesitate to pick up some ideas!!!!!!!!!!!i will very pleased to hear from you agin soon!!!i'm actually
working with bath,toiletries and bubbles... and i think it will be one of the best topic i have never do!!!!!!!!!!lot of fun !!

nancy 13/03/2011 21:48

I am sooooooo jealous ! It's all what a little girl can dream of ! Lovely's the word indeed !

Stéphanie 14/03/2011 13:52

loooooooollllll!what a really good english you have!all the childminder in my area received a capital grant of 250 £ by the goverment to buy toys and stuff or new equipment to promote the
development of the children...and as i'm still a little girl,i have choosen this really cute kitchen....and i really like it!!!!!!!!!!

muriel 10/06/2010 21:27

Chouette ! Au moins on vous donne les moyens en Angleterre ...

Amandine 09/06/2010 07:16

ah oui effectivement c'est extra!!!! vraiment très sympa, les enfants doivent etre très content! tu as l'air d'avoir beaucoup de place aussi? a très vite

maryline 08/06/2010 22:24

geniale la cuisine integree, mieux que chez moi et pas de risque de se bruler !