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It's time to play

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27 mai 2010 4 27 /05 /mai /2010 15:13

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Play with plain, bubbly, coloured, warm or cold water teach lucie and L. that it pours, splashes, runs, soaks and feels cold in the end even if it's warm to start with. If she blows, it bubbles. Some things she puts in it float, some sink and some dissolve. It can be carried in things with no holes, but it leaks through a sieve or cupped hands and seeps through fabrics. The child will play in scale with the quantity provide, so while a paddling pool is glorious and a bath is obvious, a washing-up bowl on lots of newspaper, with small containers to fill and empty, and extras such as ice cubes, food colouring or a whisk, is good, too.


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