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It's time to play

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3 février 2010 3 03 /02 /février /2010 15:06

DSCF1076 A Relax and

enjoying day  in a  sensory world of light, sound, scent and touch. The starlight studio in the Ray Allen center  in ashford use a wide range of sensory effects that creates a stimulating but restful experience.


Multi sensory rooms are provide a space for children to have fun, interact, explore and absorb different experiences.

Equipment in the room includes music, bubble tubes, a piano floor, moving lights, bubble tubes and fibre optics.

: DSCF1061


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28 janvier 2010 4 28 /01 /janvier /2010 19:49

How to Play With Pots and pan

the little ones can quickly become bored when they are stuck inside on a rainy day, or maybe they are just tired of playing with the same old toys and are looking for something new to entertain them. You don't have to look any further than your kitchen cupboards to find plenty of ways to entertain them on their next snow day!!!!!Pull out those pots and pans for hours of entertainment ...

i lay out pots and pans of all different sizes upside-down in on the kitchen foor.
The children seat and  hand  a wooden spoon in each hand and i encourage the young child to bang on the bottoms of
the pots and pans with the spoons to make different noises,creating music.
then i give a child a pan with some pasta or rice poured into it and the child to pour the rice from one pot ,pan to another,mix....

look at the mess on the floor but it's so funny!..



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28 janvier 2010 4 28 /01 /janvier /2010 19:31
photo blog 5-copie-1
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25 janvier 2010 1 25 /01 /janvier /2010 17:08

 what child doesn’t love Play Doh? Hours of fun, indeed.

It’s already blazes hot where we live, so I’m searching my creative mind for some indoor fun. In the meantime, Play Doh is a favorite standby. The little ones asks for it several times a week!!!

we have done "un lapin,un chat et un chien"


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30 juin 2009 2 30 /06 /juin /2009 13:50

Water play has different benefits depending on the child’s age. As they change and grow, children learn new things about water, and new ways to play in it. Babies feel it on their skin when bathed in the early days, then start to splash and pour. When the weather like this week ,i encourage water-play and experimentation as it’s known to stimulate children’s development. By learning about things 'floating' or 'sinking', children increase their vocabularies whilst also having fun.

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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 18:52

My name is Stephanie.I am a French native speaker.
I provide first-class childcare in a warm and friendly home-setting where children feel safe and happy, where they can develop into strong individuals and reach their full potential at their own pace.

 Are you French speakers who want continuity for your child so that their language and culture are well developped before they start school? Or is your child already going to school and you wish to balance the English they use all day with their native language and background?

Or do you simply want to widen your child's horizon by giving them the opportunity to learn another language and discover a different culture?

Then My French Childlminder is definitely for you! contact stéphanie : jmlepape1@hotmail.fr

01233 610 902

  I' m able to take Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers ,early years vouchers,accor services childcare vouchers,kiddivouchers.



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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 18:51
I am an OFSTED registered childminder who is fully insured by the National Childminding Association which i am also a member.

I was a registered childminder in France during 10 years and worked as an assistant and then as a leader of my local nurserie.

I am an experienced teacher in a french school every saturday morning.

I live in Ashford,kent,with my husband jean michel and my four children aged from 7 to 13 years old.

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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 18:48

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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 18:46
I believe in covering the Birth to Three Framework and the Foundation Stage Curriculum with children under the age of five by providing a variety of play activities.

Some of these activities are directed and are linked to a particular theme, but many of the activities are adapted from the children's own level and then developed further depending on their interests.

 Cooking – Cooking provides great opportunities to work together, take turns, taste and feel different textures, talk about how things change. We tackle early maths with weighing and counting. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about healthy living. It is lovely for the children to share their finished product at snack time .

 Construction – i have a range of construction toys, duplo, lego, sticklebricks etc. that the children can use to design, construct, manipulate and develop their own ideas with.

 Small World Play – I encourage small world play where children can play with a wooden railway or road, small figures, a dolls house, animals, a shop and more. Small world play encourages children to act out the real world, experiment ideas safely and is great fun as they are in control.

 Lunch/Snack time – Together we share our meals, all sat around the table – we use this time to talk about table manners, share ideas and interests with one another. Independence is encouraged as children learn to feed themselves, lay the table and help prepare the food and drinks.

 Homework /Books– I encourage all school age children to do their homework and reading with me after school, this time is used for the older children to read to the younger ones as well as encourage their own interests in books to be developed. My younger children learn how to handle books appropriately through their great role models.

 Television – the television is in French,but we do not watch a great deal of television – but when we do, we often do it in a fun approach – joining in with the actions, or perhaps sharing a programme related to the current topic or a community event. We do watch DVDs in French as they are a great help with language learning. We often break down animated movies into small sections used as time filler or winding down period.

 Jigsaw puzzles, - peg boards and threading – these are all great activities for concentration, developing fine motor skills and help coordination, without good hand eye coordination children find it impossible to learn to write.

 Games – great opportunities to take turns, match objects, have fun and work together.

 Treasure Baskets and Heuristic play – this is about providing opportunity for children to play with real objects – materials, keys, saucepans, pegs, cardboard tubes, pots, sponges etc. Children use these objects in a huge range of ways to enhance their play and develop understanding of their environment.

 Cuddly Toys and Puppets – the range of soft toys, make great friends. They take on roles in stories, become guests at a tea party, and have their own personalities as well as stars of their own television shows.

 Music – music is a great way to explore the world, we listen to a range of musical styles from classical to pop, with nursery rhyme, music from around the world, and songs we can mime too. There is also a range of musical instruments always available for the children to use. We also like dancing, which is a great physical activity when it is raining outside.

 Dressing Up Box – i have a dressing up box to encourage children to act out roles. It includes helmet, play shop, hats and bags, fabric, animal masks, tools kits and doctors kits – which is always accessible to the children.

 Writing Area – pens, paper and pencils are freely available to the children – they will be encouraged to help write letters, notes, their name, shopping lists etc.

 Socialising with friends – we do socialise with other children, either by meeting up with them regularly at a group setting, visiting their houses, or having children back here to play – or perhaps getting together to visit somewhere as a group. These are times when we can mix with our peers, play with a different range of resources and learn how to socialise in a larger group in preparation for school.

 Outdoor Play – the outdoor area incorporates a playhouse (inside during the winter), ride on toys, balls, etc which are all readily available. These are supplemented at different times with sand, water play, balancing opportunities, bubbles etc...

 Gardening(spring and summer) – we learn about science and growing things, by taking care of the garden, growing flowers and vegetables .

 Everyday household tasks – Children can benefit hugely by being involved in everyday activities, laying the table reinforces, maths skills, tidying up helps children to learn to take care of things and where to find them next time, shopping can introduce early skills of using money, learning where products come from and recognising simple words. We sort out cutlery out of the dishwasher, we count and compare sizes. We load the washing machine and dryer, we sort learn about colours and shades, sizes, items of clothing...

 Messy Activities – we do lots of crafts – painting, gluing, collage, drawing, playdough, and more, and through these materials we can show our own creative side and discover for ourselves the properties of materials and what happens if?

 Free Play – we have a large selection of toys which the children can choose to play with, they are not all out all of the time – instead we rotate them around, and use them to reflect each child's individual interests and development level.

 Rest time – when our bodies catch up with all the activities we do...

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22 avril 2009 3 22 /04 /avril /2009 18:44
Young children learn mainly through play. They rehearse, copy, laugh,adapt and create. They make sense of the world and make it theirs. " Play is safe and it does not threaten, say Alistair Smith and Bill Lucas in Help your Child to Succeed. It allows children to take risk. They can explore and be curious. They control and direct their own version of the world around them. Play is a great way to learn!"

At MY FRENCH CHILDMINDER children are encouraged to predict, explore, talk, imagine and practise through a variety of activities, which cover the Birth to Three Framework and the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Some activities are directed and linked to a theme (animals, the seaside...). They are always differenciated and tailored to each child's stage of development, individual needs and own interests. Indeed, I always base my planning on information from parents, observation of children and guidance from
the curriculum.
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